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Commercial Boiler Repair & Furnace Cleaning

A thickness of 1/32" of soft fly ash or soot means 15% efficiency loss, and a thickness of 1/16" results in a loss of 24%. A thickness of 1/32" of hard fire scale means 8% efficiency loss.
With regular cleaning, you save money, energy, and help to reduce air pollution. We clean all makes of commercial, industrial, and institutional boilers using six heavy-duty, truck-mounted power vacuums. All of our work is guaranteed.

Services Include
• Cleaning Oil-Soaked Boilers
• Boilers Opened, Cleaned, & Prepared for Government Insurance Inspections
• Cleaning Fireside & Waterside
• Cleaning Turbine, Air Duct & Air Handlers, Breeching, & Base of Stack 


Boiler Work
• DC- & ASME-Certified Code Welding
• Smokestack & Pressure Piping Installation
• R-Stamped Boiler Repairs & Re-Tubes

• Cast Iron & Steel Boiler Installations & Alterations
• Breeching 


We sell, install, and offer service contracts for burner conversions, system controls, and all gas- or oil-related utilities. Combustion efficiency analyses are also available. 
The Hurley Company employs HVAC licensed journeymen and WSSC licensed gasfitters who can install and retrofit all types of boilers, chillers, and cooling towers. We provide troubleshooting, upgrades, general mechanical repairs, and replacement on all air-handling units, as well as install mechanical pipe insulation.
Additional Services
Refractory — Repairing, Installing, and Selling Incinerators and Tank and Stack Linings
Testing & Inspections — Nondestructive Code Examinations and State & Insurance Prep Inspections
Preventive Maintenance — We Offer Service Agreements to Ensure Proper Operation of All in-House Mechanical Equipment

Plumbing — Repairing, Installing, & Selling Water Heaters, Storage Tanks, Gas Piping, & Pumps
Mobile Boilers — We Sell 80-600 Low- & High-Pressure Water & Steam Boilers, with Gas, Oil, & Domestic Hot Water Hookups
Heat Exchangers — Repairs, Installation, & Sales of U-Bend Heat Exchangers

Contact us in Brentwood, Maryland, at (301) 985-2241 for complete boiler cleaning services.