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About Us

The Hurley Company, a Division of Boiler & Furnace Cleaners, Inc., has been providing a full range of services in the commercial and industrial heating industry for more than 125 years. Our expertise includes boiler and burner (both gas and oil) repairs, as well as service and installations that include cleaning and maintenance. We also provide ASME- and DC-certified welding services, along with boiler refractory sales and installations.

Through our boiler store, you will find quality boiler related parts and equipment, along with tools and hardware for your operating engineering needs. Employees here at Hurley and the boiler store work closely with a variety of manufacturers to guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality parts in a timely fashion.

Incorporated in 1988 in the state of Maryland, the Hurley Company has developed a philosophy that makes it an ideal partner with your operating engineers in regards to your heating needs. From Boiler, chiller, or cooling tower installs to ASME-certified welding, including the "R" stamp, the Hurley Company provides the qualified services you need.

Contact us in Brentwood, Maryland, at (301) 985-2241 for industrial boilers designed to meet your business needs.